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Kallie Wells is a junior in high school trying to live a normal life after suffering the death of her father. With the weight of her loss, starting a new school year, volleyball tryouts, family, and friends, she is more anxious, stressed, and frustrated than ever. Until she meets Masin Baines on the first day of school. This emotional rollercoaster of a crush allows Kallie to take her mind off the negative things in her life and start to feel happy again. However, there is something about Masin that isn’t normal and Kallie needs to get to the bottom of it and fast.

Crimson is Olivia Adam’s first publication and I couldn’t be more impressed by a first-time novel. The plot was smooth, the book was easy to understand, it was an exciting read and everything was very well thought out.

Before we dive into the book, I wanted to highlight the author and the meaning behind Crimson.


Meet the Author

Olivia Scott is from Firth, Idaho, and is currently attending Boise State University. She is planning on graduating with her bachelor's degree in English Education. She wants to attend law school or continue to write and publish books but she is not quite sure which path she wants to follow yet.

Right now she is in the process of writing another book and is going to write the sequel for Crimson in the future.

Olivia and I's Friendship

I met Olivia while I was in high school. Olivia tried out for my AAU basketball team and we played together for a season. After basketball season, we went our separate ways and fell out of touch but I will always remember her as the quiet, kind, sweet girl… until she decided she wasn’t shy around you, then she was the life of the party. I will forever be thankful for the memories and times we have shared.

She always seemed so happy. She was never the type to show you that she was sad and because of that I never would have guessed that Olivia was going through one of the hardest times of her life when we met. Finding out the news broke my heart. Olivia’s brother, Nathan, had committed suicide before we met.

Crimson's "Why"

Olivia, as I said, was a pretty shy girl. She always loved writing and had dreams of becoming an author, but was too anxious to put herself out there. One day she was talking to Nathan about her goal and her newest idea for a book. He encouraged her to go for it but she never did until after his death.

To deal with the pain of her recent loss she put all her energy into Crimson, the book idea Nathan approved of. Crimson was Olivia’s escape from reality and she did so by living through the main character, Kallie Wells. The result of Olivia’s outlet was her first published book. What makes this book so heartwarming to me is that the thing that helped Olivia get through the death of her brother was something her brother had so heavily wanted Olivia to pursue.

Now that you have gotten to know the author and the meaning behind the book, here's a sneak peek on Crimson.


Sneak Peek and Quick Summary

Chapter 1

The book starts in Oregon in the late summer before school starts. We are introduced to Kallie’s siblings and mother. Quickly we see that Kallie is sad and frustrated and that her father’s death has hit Kallie the hardest. Kallie is not excited about school at all and wishes that it would never come.

Chapter 2

To make matters worse Kallie has to start her first day of school with a broken nose but she’s just glad she has her two best friends by her side to get her through anything. Taylor, Marlee, and Katie have their first class together and are talking about volleyball when the most perfect boy Kallie has ever seen walks in. This is the first time Kallie meets Masin and she is starstruck.

Chapter 3

Ever since Kallie has met Masin her days have gotten better. She doesn’t think about her dad that much and she doesn’t dread school like she used to. Things are going great for a while until Kallie asks Masin to go to a party with her and he declines the offer. Kallie is crushed.

Chapter 4

The next week Masin can tell that Kallie is noticeably upset and asks if they can start over by hanging out this weekend. She gets butterflies but then remembers she has volleyball tryouts and can’t. Now she is faced with a personal dilemma; hanging out with Masin or going to volleyball tryouts.

Chapter 5

On Saturday, Kallie is in her room listing out the pros and cons of volleyball and if she should even try out that day. She keeps weighing the options out in her head when she hears a knock on the door. To her surprise, Masin is outside and was wondering if they could go out. Without thinking, she says yes and jumps in his car. He doesn’t tell her where they are going but Kallie is just happy to be there.

Chapter 6

They arrive at Masin’s house and Kallie gets to meet Masin’s twin sister and his younger siblings. After a quick hello, Masin leads Kallie to a boat which takes them across the way to an island. When they get to the island, they go on a long hike up a mountain. Their conversation turns into a fight after Masin won’t answer any of Kallie’s questions and she asks to go home.

Wrapping It Up

This is when she starts to realize that something is off about Masin. He is very secretive, doesn’t answer any of Kallie’s questions about himself, his family, or his past, and somehow knows everything about Kallie. She also finds it weird that ever since he and his family arrived in town there’s been weird animal attacks, the weather hasn’t stopped being gloomy and Kallie hasn’t stopped having nightmares about blood. She decides to take it upon herself to get answers but will she be able to handle the consequences of the answers she finds?

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My Favorites About Crimson

  • Crimson had a perfect mix between reality and make-believe. It wasn’t too much to where a lot was going on and it was hard to keep up. It was just enough to where you never knew what was going to happen next and added thrill into the storyline. This was the reason I couldn’t put the book down after I was ⅓ of the way through it.

  • It was the perfect length. It wasn’t drugged out to where you felt like you had to “push through” to get to the exciting parts.

  • This book can be read by a wide range of ages and still be enjoyed.

  • It was very descriptive and easily painted a picture in my mind.

Something that I found about Crimson that was super sweet and touching was that I found that Olivia added parts of her life into the book.

For example, Marlee, Kallie’s best friend, has always dreamed of being a songwriter, however, her family is a long line of lawyers. Marlee feels pressure to do what her family has always done but Kallie pushes Marlee to follow her dreams.

This segment of the book reminds me of the time Olivia mentioned her dreams of being an author to Nathan. I felt like this personal touch makes the book very tender when you know the meaning behind the novel.


To stay tuned for upcoming novels follow Olivia Scott and don't forget to order Crimson to find out what is up with Masin.

I hope you guys enjoy the book as much as I did and decide to read more of what Olivia has in store.

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