Transparent Bags: The New Trend

The Clear Bag Policy

What Is It?

In the past 5 years, clear bag policies have become more and more prominent. Starting with the NFL and now reaching professional associations, college and high school programs, music festivals, and event venues. A clear bag policy means that in order to attend an event you must have a clear bag. Measurements and sizes can vary but the most popular measurement policy is 12” x 6” x 12”. Clear bags make it more difficult for spectators to sneak objects into the event and easier for security to spot unauthorized items. This policy has even found itself in education facilities. Some schools, wanting to avoid weapons brought into the buildings, have implemented a clear bag policy. Jefferson county in Idaho was one of the first school districts to enforce a clear bag policy. After a school shooting, the district felt like enforcing clear bags would give a sense of security.

Clear, see-through bags are slowly becoming the standard and it won’t be long until these policies are applied practically everywhere. So, where should you turn to get a clear bag that fits the policy standards? What business can do it all?

May I present to you, Game Day Fitted.

Get to Know the Founder of Game Day Fitted

Meet Hayley Su’a-Filo Hautau

How was GDF started?

Hayley Su’a-Filo Hautau started Game Day Fitted after having a difficult confrontation with the clear bag policy. “I am a huge football fan! I have had many family members play high school, college, and professional football so I have been to a ton of games over the years. …The clear bag policy was not a thing at this time and I had no problems taking a regular purse in. …we had moved home and went to a football game at the University of Utah. I was stopped at the gate by security saying I couldn’t take my purse in and I needed a clear bag.”

“I was so surprised because I hadn’t ever heard of the clear bag policy and never had issues at all the games I had been to prior. They told me it was either to walk miles back to my car to leave my purse in it or to just throw it away, so I decided to throw it away. It was a shocking/miserable experience and I was pretty shook after that happened.

“I went on a search for a cute clear bag for future games and could not find any that were cute or of good quality. Of the few I could find were basically sewn ziplock bags that would only last one use. I saw the need for cute, clear purses that are good quality and I figured there had to be hundreds of other college and NFL fans looking for the same thing. This is how I got the idea of my business, Game Day Fitted!”

When Did GDF Open?

Hayley started her business last year in October, 5 years after having to deal with throwing her purse away due to the clear bag policy at the University of Utah. “…Through the pandemic, I had a lot of free time to be home, researching and thinking of ideas for my business. And I finally decided to just go for it! It was a bit wild to start it in the middle of a pandemic when a lot of fans weren’t allowed at games. But the 2020 season still went pretty well and this 2021 football season has been even more amazing than I could’ve expected! It’s been amazing for growth and exposure and I’m excited for what’s ahead.”

What is Hayley’s Favorite Part of Owning GDF?

Speaking of exposure, GDF has almost reached 1,000 followers since October. Products have sold out multiple times and she has connected with fans all over the country. This just so happens to be one of her favorite parts of running her business. “The connections I’ve gotten to make with people [is one of my favorite parts [of running Game Day Fitted]! It’s been so fun to see how far our reach has been and all the people that have come across GDF via social media, our website, word of mouth, pop up shops, etc. I’ve gotten to work with amazing clients and have had some cool opportunities to do work with various NFL personnel and their families, agents, college fans and family…”

Now, I want to share my personal experience with Hayley and Game Day Fitted.

How I Found Game Day Fitted (GDF)

College athletes are now able to capitalize off their name, image, and likeness (NIL). This has allowed businesses to pair up with college athletes without breaking NCAA rules. Because I was interested, I decided to join a local NIL pairing company that matches businesses with student-athletes. I was looking at potential businesses and I happened to find Game Day Fitted. As I was scrolling through the website, I remember thinking to myself that it looked very clean, minimal, and easy to navigate. I knew after looking through their website that I wanted to be a part of their team.

Becoming Apart of the GDF Family

Game Day Fitted reached out to me and after reading their contract I learned that I would be able to work with them. Promoting their brand on my social media platform would be my primary objective. After I signed my contract with Game Day Fitted I spoke with Hayley and received my code, TENLEIGHS10. Customers can use this code to get 10% off of their purchase. Since the first day I spoke with Hayley she has been very kind, takes the time to answer all of my questions and gets back to me promptly.

My First Bag from GDF

The first product that I received from GDF was the 4th Quarter Crossbody in Olive Green. The description used to describe the product was exact. The bag was wrapped in cute packaging, came with care instructions and was accompanied with a sweet personal handwritten note from Hayley. After unwrapping the bag I instantly snapped some pictures that I promoted on my Instagram. I immediately fell in love with this bag because it looked and felt amazing. I was so excited to see how well it would work at a sporting event.

My Experience with GDF

My Opinion on GDF, Their Bags and Products

At Idaho State University’s homecoming football game I decided to utilize my bag and take it out to the game. My bag met all the requirements and I didn’t have to have my bag searched through. They took one look at my bag and told me I was good to pass through security. It was super quick and easy. At the game, workers were handing out clear bags for free. They were constructed with poor quality, looked cheap, broke easily, and weren’t flattering. Game Day Fitted products are the complete opposite. The 4th Quarter Crossbody Bag looked and felt like a purse you would actually buy for daily use. However, it functions as an everyday bag but fits all the requirements you need in order to enter events facilities. I believe this is why my Game Day Fitted bag got a lot of positive comments at the game.

I promote this business and recommend their product 100% to anyone because the products are durable, high quality and reasonable pried. Availability is usually never an issue since they restock their products fast and efficiently. They are active and always looking to improve. Everyone that I have recommended GDF to who has bought a product has absolutely loved their purchase and has become a repeat customer.

I truly love Hayley’s mission statement and purpose of her company. She cares about her products and hopes that every single customer loves her product as much as she does. “…Another huge thing that I’ve loved about owning this business is seeing people use and love the products! I put a lot of thought and care into making sure the products are of high quality, an affordable price point, fashionable, functional, and just overall something that you’d want to use… so when I see other people love them as much as I do, it is incredibly rewarding as a business owner! The support has been amazing and I’m just so grateful.”

What to Look Forward to in 2022 from GDF

Bags and Beyond

Game Day Fitted has been able to expand from just their bags and now sells sunglasses, jewelry, wallets, and keychains. After talking to Hayley, I got a little insight on what else is coming new to Game Day Fitted.

“We have a lot of exciting things planned for this next year. We will be participating more in, in-person pop-up shops around Utah, we’ll announce those dates and locations as we finalize them. As far as products go, we will be having a mini drop of new clear bag styles in time for the NFL playoffs. We are also working on getting into apparel such as sweatshirts, shirts & hats. …These will all be available to be customized as well. We are wanting to make this brand a one-stop-shop where everyone can find pieces for their game-day fit, so these will all be available in women, men, and kids sizes. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on!”

There you have it, Game Day Fitted has it all. Check out their website to order some new gear. Also, make sure to follow their social media pages to stay in the loop with giveaways, sales and new item releases.

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